lunedì, Settembre 25, 2023


It is possible to receive accreditation for a place in the press box by July 31, 2021. Please fill in the form below to help us to reserve you the place that best suits your requirements as a journalist.

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We wish to inform all photographers interested in the event that a maximum of twenty (20) photographers may be accredited for the match. This is to ensure that the event runs properly and that we comply with the health and safety regulations of the host facilities and the FIDAF rules concerning the presence of photographers and filmmakers on the field. The FIDAF will handle the selection process by checking professional requirements and any photographic material that you may be asked to send in advance. The accreditation process is open until and no later than July 31, 2021, so please send your request, professional résumé and a brief summary of your work in 2019-2020 to by that date.