Team Sweden preparing final roster for IFAF 2019 U19 European Championships


The Swedish U19 National Team is in the final stages of preparation before leaving for the IFAF 2019 U19 European Championships being held in Bologna, Italy from July 29 to August 4.

The team will hold its final training camp in Sweden starting July 25 before departing for Bologna on July 26.

New head coach Sebastian Brinkenfeldt has taken over a team which won the 2018 Nordic U19 Championships, beating Finland in the gold medal final. Team Sweden also went to the bronze medal game in the 2018 IFAF U19 World Championships but were beaten by Team USA.

Coach Brinkenfeldt and his staff have selected a roster of 39 so far prior to final training camp. The Täby Flyers have the highest representation on the squad with eight players nominated. Following them in second are the Stockholm Mean Machines and Örebro Black Knights, both with four. Four teams – Göteborg Marvels, Limhamn Griffins, Uppsala 86ers and Kristianstad Predators – have three players each on the team while the Carlstad Crusaders, Sollentuna Starsand Solna Chiefs have two apiece. The Tyresö Royal Crowns, Karlskoga Wolves, Arlanda Jetsand Skövde Dukes have one player each on the squad.

Sweden will open the tournament against Team Norway on July 29.

Team Sweden

Name Position Birth Year Club
Waraphon Prasopsin CB 2000 Stockholm Mean Machines
Daniel Rihtnesberg CB 2001 Tyresö Royal Crowns
Leo Åblad Lindqvist CB 2002 Örebro Black Knights
Victor Garcia Blombäck CB 2001 Göteborgs Marvels
Adam Classon DL 2002 Carlstad Crusaders
Calle Moberg DL 2001 Sollentuna Stars
Henrik Sköld Söderberg DL 2001 Solna Chiefs
Jonathan Johansson DL 2001 Limhamn Griffins
Linus Lindberg DL 2002 Karlskoga Wolves
Sebastian Nilsson DL 2000 Örebro Black Knights
William Domfors DL 2002 Örebro Black Knights
Alexander Nordgren LB 2002 Solna Chiefs
Edvin Jönsson LB 2001 Örebro Black Knights
Emil Hovde LB 2000 Uppsala 86ers
Max Forsback LB 2001 Kristianstad Predators
Hampus Kronbäck OL 2000 Stockholm Mean Machines
Love Larsson OL 2000 Sollentuna Stars
Ludvig Burell OL 2001 Täby Flyers
Oliver Landström OL 2001 Göteborgs Marvels
Oscar Adolfsson OL 2001 Carlstad Crusaders
Viktor Neumann OL 2002 Kristianstad Predators
Ture Nilsson QB 2002 Uppsala 86ers
Viktor Ekberg QB 2000 Arlanda Jets
Anton Stensson RB 2001 Kristianstad Predators
Daniel Alariksson RB 2001 Täby Flyers
Victor Cimrell RB 2000 Täby Flyers
Carl Levinson S 2000 Täby Flyers
Elliot Krogius S 2000 Täby Flyers
Johan Cahlin S 2000 Göteborgs Marvels
Klas Mazetti S 2000 Limhamn Griffins
Noah Allsten S 2001 Uppsala 86ers
Tim Sihver S 2002 Stockholm Mean Machines
Alexander Nesic WR 2000 Limhamn Griffins
Elias Bennaceur WR 2000 Täby Flyers
Knut Wachtmeister WR 2002 Täby Flyers
Rikard Carlsson WR 2000 Skövde Dukes
Saul Tesfazion WR 2000 Täby Flyers
Victor Wikström WR 2001 Täby Flyers
Viggo Svedlund WR 2002 Stockholm Mean Machines
Sebastian Brinkenfeldt Head coach
Leo Billgren Offensive Coordinator / QB
Fredrik Gustafsson Special Teams Coordinator / RB
Elias Gröön OL
Frederik Moss Nielsen WR
Alexander Sjöö Defensive Coordinator / LB
Mikael Haage DL
Robert Wilhelmson S
Björn Mazetti CB
Mats Hagsten CDM
Justus Benjö Head Athletic Trainer
Trolle Smedberg Athletic Trainer
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